Z TECH SERVICES, INC., was established in 1993 and serves Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska with a sales staff that combines experience and technical ability to provide our clients an efficient and effective sales call.

Fifty years of combined industry experience guarantees our customers not only a knowledge of our products, but an awareness of their process as well. So...

Put Z Tech to work for you today!

Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527

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Northern Illinois call Tom: 630-514-4111
Central Illinois call Tom: 630-514-4111
Southern Illinois call Jon: 630-240-9089
Indiana call Jon: 630-240-9089
Iowa call Tom: 630-514-4111
Kansas call Jon: 630-240-9089
Kentucky call Jon: 630-240-9089
Michigan call Tom: 630-514-4111
Missouri call Jon: 630-240-9089
Nebraska call Jon: 630-240-9089
Wisconsin call Tom: 630-514-4111

Our Promise:

  • Z Tech is committed to providing optimal service to electronic production equipment manufacturers.
  • Z Tech's dedicated staff goes beyond door-to-door sales and has been praised for efficient, professional salesmanship.
  • Z Tech, by extending service and by offering both demonstration and training opportunities, offers its principals a true extension of its sales force in a fashion not available from mainstream representatives.